Scaffolding Companies in Horsham

Are you looking for the most professional scaffolding companies in Horsham? Call NJS Scaffolding on 01243 545548 for the best scaffolding services available. We offer free quotations and can offer design services for specialist projects. Don’t risk using a different supplier, go with the best. Call us today.

Horsham Scaffolding Companies And Our Services

We offer complete scaffolding solutions, from start to finish. This includes the initial visit, survey, quotation, delivery, erection, dismantling, collection, job completion, and aftercare. You’ll be hard-pressed to find better scaffolding companies in Horsham. We offer scaffolding services for three main areas, which are:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Specialist

We’ve taken on projects of all shapes and sizes, providing the most reliable and professional service available from scaffolding companies Horsham.

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We understand that residential buildings come in all shapes and sizes; from single bedroom bungalows to sprawling blocks of flats and complexes. NJS Scaffolding has the skills and stock to take on projects of all sizes. Our team are highly qualified, and every one of them is motivated to excel.

Scaffolding can be utilised for many reasons, such as self-builds, extensions, loft extensions, roofing, structural home improvements, guttering, and many more. We welcome all domestic and commercial clients looking to start residential projects that are in need of services from the premier Horsham scaffolding companies.

We only use the highest quality scaffolding equipment, which includes:

  • Aluminium Unit Beams
  • Chutes, cradles, alarms and hoists
  • Galvanised Tube (to British standard)
  • Ladders
  • Scaffolding Boards (Grade A)
  • System Scaffolds using the world-class Haki system
  • Fittings as required (to British standard)

We uphold British Regulations and standards throughout our work, both in materials and practices. This ensures you’re getting the very best service, as well as unparalleled customer service from our friendly team.

During the project, we always strive to work to the highest standards of cleanliness and tidiness. Our processes and methods aim to deliver the best service from any scaffolding companies in Horsham, whilst causing minimal disruption to your daily goings-on. In keeping with our company standards and etiquette, we employ the most modern safety measures to ensure everyone’s safety for the duration of the project.


Commercial properties are just as, if not more so, diverse as residential. Commercial properties require a great deal of skill from scaffolding companies in Horsham, which NJS Scaffolding have a bountiful supply of.

As the name suggests, commercial properties are designed for the purposes of commerce. This means that if the scaffolding is deployed with due attention or haste, it can cause substantial loses for the company involved. This is well understood by our team, and they will work strictly to projected timescales.

Scaffolding companies in horsham

During our initial site visit, design, and quotation, the whole process will be timetabled, and you’ll be given the timescales so you can proficiently plan ahead. A detailed plan for the entire proposal will be submitted to you, so you can make necessary plans. We will, of course, work around your requirements, delivering a bespoke service from our qualified scaffolding companies in Horsham.

All of the required supplies will be delivered to your site, using our expert logistics and experienced team. They’ll erect the structure, making sure to manage the whole project during ease phase. This will ensure a smooth and incident free enterprise, which is beneficial for everyone involved.

The scaffolding will be signed off as ready to use, being both safe and sound. Periodically throughout the duration of the construction work, we will conduct regular site visits to ensure the scaffolding is still completely safe and will rapidly rectify and issues that arise.


Some structures are designed in such a way that usual scaffolding companies in Horsham won’t be able to effectively and efficiently provide you will suitable scaffolding structures. NJS Scaffolding doesn’t have this problem. Backed by years of experience, our team are equipped to tackle just about anything.

We’ve had successful ventures as the top Horsham scaffolding companies, providing unbeatable services for churches and other buildings that present obstacles due to their unique architecture. Such obstacles are easily overcome with our combination of skill and motivation.

Many of the buildings that require specialist scaffolding services are easily damaged, often protected buildings which need to be treated with the utmost care. We employ the safest and most careful scaffolding methods available throughout our services, taking special care when the building is vulnerable and structurally irreplaceable.

Our safety driven ideals are based around the complete preservation of the structure, as well as the wellbeing of the construction crews, our tradespeople and anyone within the vicinity of the scaffolding. We leave nothing to chance, ensuring there is no risk to either personnel or the building itself.

Why Us For Scaffolding Companies Horsham?

The building industry uses scaffolding for almost every job, which makes a reputation as reliable scaffolding companies in Horsham paramount to success. We’ve garnered a lot of respect and valuable rapport with local building contractors and private sector clients alike.

Much of our business comes from happy clients, passing on the word that NJS Scaffolding are the people to see when you need reliable, safe, and efficacious scaffolding services. We will work around your specifications, adhering to your requirements and providing expertly applied bespoke scaffolding services.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

If you’d like to see some of our many projects feel free to browse our gallery. We’re confident you’ll make the right choice by coming to us as your scaffolding companies Horsham after you’ve seen what we can do.

  • Design & Calculations
  • Scaffold Abseiling Towers
  • Temporary Roofs / HAKITEC Temporary Roofs
  • COVERSPAN Temporary Roofing System
  • Bird Cage Scaffolding
  • Site Protection / Monarflex / Debris netting / Shrinkwrap / Safety Man Netting
  • Edge Protection Scaffolding
  • HAKI Staircases
  • Lift Shaft Scaffolds
  • Confined Space Scaffolding

All of our tradespeople are fully qualified, upholding the highest standards in the industry. NJS Scaffolding is registered with CITB (Construction Industry Training Board), SMAS (Safety Management Accessory Service) SafeContractor accredited (Recognised by SSIP), NHBC (National House Building Council) Safemark approved, NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Council) and is a Haki approved contractor.

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