Scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey

Are you searching for scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey? If so, give N.J.S. Scaffolding a ring today on 01243 545548 and book a site visit from our scaffolding specialists. Whether you’re looking to replace your fascias and soffits or convert your attic space, N.J.S. Scaffolding are, without a doubt, the most cost-effective and reliable choice for scaffolding in Surrey.

The best choice for scaffolding in Guildford

When it comes to tackling those demanding building projects, it can be a rather time-consuming task, and without the correct equipment, you could be putting your safety in jeopardy. Unlike ladders which are prone to falling or being knocked over, our domestic and commercial scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey is by far the safer option. Our scaffolding will also significantly reduce the time it takes to complete your project.

From private residences to large retail buildings, no job is too big or small for our exceptionally talented team to handle. Our all-in-one service takes care of everything for you and our team work in an efficient manner to get your scaffolding in Guildford erected as quickly as possible. When you choose N.J.S. Scaffolding, you won’t be left waiting around as we always work to your schedule.

To find out more about our scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey, please see below.

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How can we help with your scaffolding in Surrey?

Prior to installing any scaffolding, our team will first arrange to visit your site to carry out a full in-depth survey of your requirements. We will take careful measurements and supply you with a FREE quotation that includes all costs upfront with no hidden fees to contend with. Once we have designed your scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey, you will be supplied with a set of drawings of the final installation.

If you are happy with our fee and the design that we have supplied you with, we will arrange for delivery and erect your scaffolding in Guildford. We manage the whole project from start-to-finish and will carry out regular checks to ensure that your scaffolding is fit-for-purpose. Our scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey is built using high-quality components that include:

  • Aluminium Unit Beams 
  • Galvanised Tubes
  • Ladders
  • Grade A Scaffolding Boards
  • System Scaffolds

We can also provide chutes, cradles, alarms and hoists for your scaffolding in Surrey. Once your project is completed, simply give us a call, and we’ll arrange a time to come and collect the scaffolding from your site; we will even dismantle it for you saving you the hassle. For those more demanding projects, our specialist scaffolding in Guildford is the solution. These systems include COVERSPAN Temporary Roofing Systems, HAKI Staircases and Confined Spaced Scaffolding.

So, if you’re searching for scaffolding in Surrey, be sure to contact our friendly team as we are more than happy to take on any request.

Benefits of choosing a professional scaffolding company

There are many advantages to hiring a professional scaffolding company rather than choosing to work with ladders. To find out more about these benefits, read on below.

Saves time and money

The beauty of choosing scaffolding is that it extends across your entire building saving you the time that it would usually take to move and setup your ladder in different locations. The time saved equates to a far quicker turnaround on your project’s completion. With contractors often charging by the day for their services, choosing scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey will get the job finished faster saving you money in the process.

Reduces liability and increases safety

It goes without saying but having a sturdy, professionally constructed platform with suitable guard rails significantly reduces the chances of accidents occurring. Providing a safe working requirement is also a legal requirement and failure to do so could leave you liable for anything that goes wrong. With our scaffolding in Guildford, you’ll have that peace of mind in knowing that you won’t fall so you’re free to focus on the job at a hand.

Easy access

Even with the highest ladders, it can be tricky to position in such a way that provides you with complete access to the exterior of your property. The team at N.J.S. Scaffolding will carefully design your scaffolding in Surrey to accommodate the shape and size of your building. This provides easy access to all areas of your building allowing all work to be carried out quickly and easily.

Professional quality guaranteed

As mentioned above, our scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey will allow full access to all areas of your property. This will ensure that all projects are completed in full and no parts are missed due to being inaccessible. If you’re looking for professional quality guaranteed, then choosing N.J.S. Scaffolding is definitely the way forward.

What makes us the best choice for scaffolding in Guildford, Surrey?

When it comes to any major building work, it pays to be safe. Here at N.J.S. Scaffolding, we possess many years of experience at delivering scaffolding solutions to clients across the local area. We are proud of our well-established reputation that sees us as the foremost experts for providing affordable scaffolding in Guildford and exceptional customer service.

Whether you require a small Tower Scaffold System or something larger, you’ll discover that we have much to offer. As a company, we regularly benchmark our services against those offered by our competitors so you can be sure that you are receiving exceptional value for money. As a company, we aim for an exacting standard for health and safety and provide weekly inspections to ensure that there are no issues with your scaffolding in Surrey.


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